Fiat Recalls Defective Tire Pressure Indicators

Auburn Hills, Mich. – March 15, 2017 – Fiat Chrysler has recalled almost 300 vehicles equipped with defective tire-pressure sensors and dash lights. The recall impacts Fiat 500X compact sport utility vehicles produced between December 2017 and January 2017, according to documentation filed with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. Approximately 100 percent of vehicles named in the recall have damaged tire-pressure sensor assemblies.

The Defect

Tire-pressure sensors and dash lights may malfunction in affected models. This increases the likelihood of an accident, as pressure could suddenly decrease and cause the vehicles to swerve. Even minor air unknown air leakage can impact driving capabilities and result in an accident. The defective features do not comport with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, which dictate that dash lights must illuminate in the event that one or more tires loses pressure while operating.

Timeline of Events

On Feb. 17, 2017, the Auburn Hills-based electronics manufacturer that supplied the pressure sensor components conducted a quality assessment and noticed that the parts did not comply with American vehicle standards. The firm, Magneti Marelli Electronics, then notified Fiat Chrysler. The car maker’s Vehicle Regulations Committee reviewed the results of the review and decided to conduct a voluntary recall on Feb. 28. Simultaneously, Magneti evaluated its production methods and introduced a new workflow that yielded parts compliant with U.S. vehicle fabrication regulations. These new processes were launched March 3, mitigating the likelihood of any future defects.

The Solution

Fiat Chrysler intends to notify both dealers and owners on April 21. Dealers will be required to replace the instrument panels in affected vehicles, according to the NHTSA. Owners will pay for these repairs up front and then submit receipts to Fiat Chrysler for reimbursement.

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Toyota recalls 337,000 crossover vehicles [Video]

In September, Toyota announced a recall of 337,000 S-U-Vs and Lexus sedans because of a defect with the tie rod. The problem is that the threads on the tie rod can start to rust if a nut isn’t tightened properly. That causes the rod to break and drastically alter the suspension of the car. It’s dangerous to the driver because the car can veer off suddenly in one direction.

The recall includes Toyota R-A-V-4s built from October 31, 2005, to September 7, 1010, as well as Lexus H-S-250-h vehicles built between July 6, 2009, and August 26, 2010.

If you have one of those vehicles, take it into your dealership for a rear suspension replacement at no cost to you.

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NHTSA Investigation into Tesla Accident Ongoing

Washington, D.C. — Oct. 12, 2016 — The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating a crash centering around the Tesla Model S and its autopilot feature. Business Insider recently included updates on the effort.

The accident took place May 7, and involved 40-year old Tesla driver Joshua Brown, who reportedly collided with a nearby fence when a trailer truck passed in front of him. The autopilot reportedly failed to recognize the oncoming trailer and therefore didn’t press on the brakes. The incident has not prompted a recall as of yet, but an investigation could theoretically lead to further action.

However, a June blog post from Tesla that appeared in the source stated that the NHTSA’s looking into this issue is “simply a preliminary evaluation to determine whether the system worked according to expectations.” The blog also explained that autopilot can only be used with acknowledgement from the user, and is initially not activated in vehicles.

Aside from this, the Tesla Model S has also appeared in recall news due to seat belt problems. A November 2015 recall saw a specific range of vehicles included because seat belts were not connected to the outboard lap pretensioner correctly. The recall included 58,773 vehicles that were potentially subject to the condition.

The fix for this problem required possible reassembly if the front belts in the vehicle aren’t connected. Affected models included Model S units with model years from between 2012 and 2015, with production rates ranging from May 31, 2012, to Nov. 12, 2015. An improperly bolted seat belt anchor could leave passengers insufficiently restrained during an accident, the Part 573 Safety Recall Report said.

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New parts Will be Part of GM Oil Leak Remedy

Warren, MI — December 14, 2015 — Earlier this year, General Motors and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) noted the engine compartment fire risk in certain units, including Buick Regal, Chevrolet Impala and Pontiac Grand Prix vehicles with model years between 1997 and 2004. In these cars, hard braking could result in oil landing on the exhaust manifold.

The Part 573 Safety Recall Report associated with this action described said that dealers could replace the engine valve front cover and gasket, as well as remove the oil fill tube extension. The report also stated that previous repairs related to the GM recalls may not be enough to resolve the condition entirely.

The official safety recall itself is set to begin on December 14, and the NHTSA also features a message from GM Customer Care and Aftersales to all of the manufacturer’s dealers. Instead of announcing the shipment of the replacement parts themselves, the company said that advisory letters are in the mail and will set the stage for improvements once the parts are available.

“Even though the parts needed to repair these vehicles are not currently available, the letter explains that when parts are available, their dealer will replace the engine’s front valve cover and front-valve-cover gasket with new parts of an improved design, and the engine’s plastic “beauty” cover and plastic oil-fill-tube extension will be removed, if they haven’t been already,” this bulletin reads.

The recall stems from actions as old as 2008, in which the company issued the original recall. More than 1 million vehicles were said to be involved, with 100 percent estimated to have the defect.

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Tesla Motors issues comprehensive Model S recall [Video]

Although no related injuries have yet been reported, Tesla Motors is spearheading an all-encompassing recall for every Model S sedan due to a faulty seat belt. Owners will be able to schedule a repair appointment to fix possible seat belt problems.

This voluntary action concerns 90,000 vehicles and is the largest Tesla Motors recall so far, according to USA Today. As of November 20, Tesla’s investigations had only discovered one vehicle with seat belt issues, the model in Europe that sparked concerns over these systems in the first place. Owners were notified via email earlier this month.

Owners could also test for the problem themselves by pulling lap portions of seatbelts with at least 80 pounds of force, although this isn’t a substitute for an official inspection, the source said. This inspection is expected to only take six minutes.

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BMW recalls MINI Coopers for impact risk [Video]

More than 30,000 MINI Coopers will potentially be affected by a recent recall.

[marker] Earlier this month, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discovered that some MINI Coopers do not meet government structural regulations established by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. Specifically, the low side impact rating in these cars would put rear seat passengers in danger. The recall will officially start on September 12.

[marker] The affected vehicles have model years between 2014 and 2015. Fixing this problem will involve installing special material into the exterior of the vehicle to absorb the shock of collision. According to the NHTSA, some vehicles will also receive a small foam patch as part of the update.

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