Honda Conducts Takata Audit

Washington, D.C. — August 09, 2016 — In addition to the government investigations into the Takata air bag recalls, Honda also recently commissioned an auditor to look into the inflator manufacturer. Reuters said that the company’s audit effort began last October but has extended into the present day. Results have been mixed for the automaker, as the audit revealed unsavory practices on Takata’s part.

Honda has been long involved in this recall and has an understandable stake in discovering the extent of the damage from the dangerous inflators. Around 100 million units could be defective and put passengers at risk. The recall effort is the largest of its kind in the United States.

Auditor Brian O’Neill found that the company had altered the results of inflator tests. The report could affect future penalties as Takata’s actions are called into question, and more could arise as the investigations continue.

“We have found examples of what I would call ‘selective editing,’ where they have left out results not because they were bad results, but because the results that remained were better,” O’Neill said, according to CarScoops. “We found evidence that the report that went to Honda was a shorter version of the original version, and it was a prettier shortened version.”

At the same time, the data did not trigger any new Honda recalls. Chris Martin, a Honda representative, told the source that there is no new information about safety risks for vehicles that hadn’t already been recalled.

NHTSA information from June 17, 2016, said that Honda had repaired 48.3 percent of the total affected air bags. Out of these numbers, it has repaired 44.8 percent of driver side airbags and 56.4 percent of its passenger side air bags.

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