Ice storms lead to recall in Canada [Video]

Sometimes, the environment can lead to a car recall instead of a manufacturing fault.

The CBC recently reported on a recall affecting nearly 3,000 cars, including BMW’s and Mini’s produce for model years 2014 and 2015. The source traces this action to ice storms from February that may have corroded the steering rack, creating a possible risk for fire in these affected vehicles.

Transport Canada was still developing a remedy plan as of August 4, but the source noted that the vehicles were specifically parked in Halifax when the storms hit, leaving them more vulnerable to water and salt damage. The vehicles were not just left exposed to the elements, but actually frozen, with ice attaching itself to the vehicles during this time. The BMWs might also be more likely to crash as a result of this corrosion, according to Global News.

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adminIce storms lead to recall in Canada [Video]