More Time Added to BMW’s Takata Recall

Washington D.C. — March 28, 2016 — Though the Takata airbag recalls have affected several manufacturers, each action has played out differently, depending on the company. BMW, for example, has 1.8 million airbag inflators to take care of, and will now have until five extra months in which to address 420,000 vehicles from that population. According to Automotive News, the deadline for the PSDI-4 inflators will be May 31, 2020. The same manufacturer also has more time to meet a deadline for providing replacement parts for 100,000 vehicles.

These deadlines come from the National Highway Traffic Safety administration and apply to 11 other companies, the source said. All of the other manufacturers taking part in this effort are still expected to stick to the original March 31 deadline. The source says that the overall action related to Takata recalls includes “some 29 million inflators.”

The NHTSA has had other recent concerns with BMW. Last December, the organization issued a consent order in response to mishandling of different BMW recalls, this one involving the Mini 2 Door Hardtop Cooper. In a press release on that action, Administrator Mark Rosekind referenced a previous penalty the manufacturer received in 2012.

“The requirement to launch recalls and inform consumers in a timely fashion when a safety defect or noncompliance is discovered is fundamental to our system for protecting the traveling public. This is a must-do,” Rosekind said. “For the second time in three years, BMW has been penalized for failing to meet that obligation.”

That consent order required BMW to perform multiple actions to meet government demands, including a $40 million civil penalty payment and work with an “independent safety consultant” to work more closely under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act. This consultant was also instructed to regularly contact the NHTSA.

adminMore Time Added to BMW’s Takata Recall