Test Trials over GM Ignition Switches Ongoing

New York City, NY — April 05, 2016 — It’s been two years since the major ignition switch-related recalls that plagued General Motors, and the manufacturer is still embroiled in courtroom cases. Reuters recently reported on the test trials this month that will bring the manufacturer’s liability into question. This is just one of several cases related to the infamous motor issues, although GM claims that it is not at fault.

In December 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration noted that around 1 million GM vehicles still had ignition switch issues that put airbag use in jeopardy. The manufacturer attempted to respond to increased demand by producing more replacement parts as the NHTSA encouraged completion.

Last August, Automotive News reported that the thousands of claims arrayed against GM for this single defect were reviewed by an attorney. As this source stated, the company had $625 million ready to compensate the 399 people involved in related accidents. Most of these were linked to non-serious injuries, while they were also tied to 124 deaths, each of which was potentially connected to more than $1 million in compensation.

The Associated Press quotes Randall Jackson, representing the plaintiffs in the current bellwether cases. He said that GM knew about the ignition switch issue and tried to address it internally instead of informing the authorities.

“A car is a promise, two tons of steel with an engine, wrapped in a promise: safe transportation,” he said. “The evidence in the case is going to show that GM, the company defending this case, broke that promise.”

Reuters quoted another lawyer for this side of the case, who said that affected vehicles “would have been recalled then” if the government knew about the issues. The source said the GM recalls have so far led to $2 billion in settlements and penalties.”

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