Toyota Collaborates with the Carma Project to Encourage Recall Compliance


Laguna Hills, Calif. – January 31, 2019 – Toyota is seeking to make more vehicle owners aware of recent recalls, particularly the Takata air bag recall, which is expected to affect 55 to 70 million vehicles across 19 manufacturers by the end of 2019. To that end, the automotive manufacturer is partnering with the Carma Project, run by Tony Lim, to incentivize spreading awareness of the recall and prompt customers to check their vehicle identification numbers (VINs) to see if their car is affected.

Takata Airbag Recall

Impacted vehicles were originally fitted with Takata air bags. These air bags’ inflators are filled with ammonium nitrate, which can become unstable over time due to degradation caused by aging, temperature fluctuations and humidity. Once the material is no longer stable, a crash can cause the metal canister inside the air bag to explode, sending shrapnel flying through the interior of the car and putting the driver and any passengers at risk of serious injury or death.

The Carma Project

Anyone can visit, sign up, and share messages about the recall to their social network. Participants can receive $5 in gift cards for every Toyota owner who schedules an appointment to have their vehicle repaired, and an additional $50 worth of gift cards when they actually have their vehicle repaired. Actions taken on social platforms or elsewhere can be recorded and rewarded with “Carma Coins,” which are redeemable as gift cards from major retailers through the Bitmo platform.

Air Bag Replacement

The air bag replacement is free for the Toyota owner, who can have the service done at any Toyota or Lexus location. Carma Group also offers a downloadable app, which can be used to check and see if any vehicle is part of the recall.

Toyota determines which vehicles are eligible for bonuses (CarmaCoin) based on the priority group assigned to the vehicle by NHTSA. For more information visit

Sean ReyesToyota Collaborates with the Carma Project to Encourage Recall Compliance