Volkswagen Recalls Hit Snag in Europe

Hamburg, Germany — April 28, 2016 — Reuters recently reported on the new obstacle keeping Volkswagen’s German recalls from progressing. The manufacturer is still trying to fix around 2.5 million cars in that country alone this year, and needs to reconsider its approach in the wake of a failed software update. These vehicles were originally altered to fool emissions detection systems: The source states that the intended patch had actually raised fuel consumption levels.

This subsection of the larger emissions-related recall affects 160,000 vehicles, which are currently on hold as the company tries something else. Automotive News Europe noted that the rise might not be the official reason for the recall, as an unnamed representative said that notion wasn’t confirmed. “We have to guarantee that noise and especially CO2 emissions are exactly the same as before the fix,” this person said, referring to the car company’s continuing work.

Autocar added that the German Federal Motor Transport Authority is scheduled to release a report on the diesel vehicle scandal later this month. The authority has confirmed that Volkswagen did install the cheat in its vehicles, but concluded that other car companies accused of the same action, including BMW, are not guilty. This organization will continue its investigations as the United States develops its own way to manage the compromised autos.

The current efforts to recall and update these vehicles have been burdened by other recent unrelated Volkswagen recalls. These include a separate problem affecting thousands of American Passat vehicles, which could suddenly stop after a short circuit.

A different Reuters article cited this incident, noting that the included vehicles were produced “between 2012 and 2014.” Within the same week, Volkwagen also recalled around 5,600 e-Golf cars to keep them from suddenly stalling due to power problems as well.

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