Hood Latches in Subaru Recalls Could Fail

Cherry Hill, NJ — February 18, 2016 — A new Subaru recall meant to address problems with hood latches includes vehicles with the model years between . A Recall Acknowledgement from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) stated that affected vehicles could include hoods that might accidentally open without warning.

The recall population contains a total of 77,000 Subaru Tribeca light vehicles, with manufacture dates ranging from 2004 to 2014 . As the official Part 573 Recall Report notes, this single recall actually centers around two possible causes, both of which could compromise the hood.

This is due to malfunctioning front hood safety and lock assemblies, both manufactured by Johnan America, Inc. The former system could cause a hook to seize up over time and cease functioning correctly: the latter may rust and leave the hood unlocked. Both of these problems have to occur simultaneously to cause an issue. Earlier this year, Subaru became aware of a lawsuit involving a 2006 vehicle in which the hood opened suddenly during use.

In a message to dealers, the manufacturer described the two-phase remedy process, which won’t be possible until the countermeasure parts are available “later this year.” Phase one will consist of an inspection and “interim repair.”

“Retailers will inspect, clean and lubricate the hood safety system and hood lock system,” the message reads. “After this is performed, they will check for proper operation. If it does not work properly, the hood safety system will be replaced with the current style part.”

This February 2 document also announced that owners would be informed within 60 days, with retailers notified as the Subaru recalls continue.

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