Nissan Recalls 2017 Murano Vehicles for Possible Power Steering Leak

Franklin, Tenn. — March 25, 2017 — The power steering system in some Nissan SUVs could disconnect, according to a recent manufacturer’s recall. An official statement with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that the action could involve as many as 56,766 vehicles, though there was no estimate as to how many could be potentially affected.

The Defect

Some power steering fluid hoses in these vehicles may come with a clamp that’s the wrong size. Because of this, the report said that the hose could dislodge, potentially spilling important steering fluid. The risk from this is twofold, as this could not just impact the steering but also pose a possible fire risk, as the fluid would be flammable. All of the involved vehicles are a Murano with the 2013 and 2014 model years.

Timeline of Events

  • August, 2014: This was the final month the affected vehicles were produced.
  • January, 2017: Both the recall report and a Defect Information Report on the action said that the first investigation into a related case began last year. The U.S. investigations intensified in January, though, to respond to claims of related incidents in other markets.
  • February, 2017: Targeting the U.S. vehicles specifically, Nissan began gathering relevant vehicle parts.
  • March, 2017: After the results of equipment tests, Nissan concluded that the defect originated with the clamps involved in affected vehicles and agreed to begin a safety recall effort to address the issue. The Part 573 report contained a March 16 submission date.

The Resolution

As of the March 16 report, there was no owner notification date listed, although the statement did say that it would reach out to owners “within 60 days.”  April 4 was scheduled as the dealer notification date. The fix itself will reportedly include a replacement for the hose.

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