Chrysler recalls hybrid minivans with defective batteries


Auburn Hills, Mich. – June 9, 2017 – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has recalled more than 1,600 hybrid minivans equipped with defective batteries, according to a company press release. The campaign affects 2017 Chrysler Pacific minivans, roughly 1,300 of which originated from American showrooms. The remaining vehicles were sold on the Canadian market. The car manufacturer is unsure how many of the models named in the recall contain the defective battery.

The Defect
Affected vehicles may include hybrid batteries with improperly functioning control module diodes. These fixtures, which manage the flow of electrical current between the battery and dependent parts, are prone to involuntary shutoff. If this occurs, the vehicle loses propulsion and ceases to operate. This possess a risk to owners, as such a stoppage could result in an accident. However, the automaker has found no accidents or injuries related to the faulty battery diode as yet. Should propulsion suddenly halt due to the defect, drivers will be able to continue their forward momentum and pull over, Road Show by CNET reported.

Timeline of Events
FCA discovered the defect after receiving reports from customers who experienced propulsion loss while driving. Engineers with the car maker investigated the issue and eventually found that defective diodes were to blame.

The Solution
The automaker has requested dealers replace the control modules in affected vehicles with models equipped with working diodes, free of charge. However, FCA is still working on developing a workable alternative, meaning owners will have to wait some time for service. Those in need of immediate assistance can contact the FCA Customer Care Center at (800) 853-1403. They can also call the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s Vehicle Safety Hotline at (888) 327-4236.

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