Fiat Chrysler recalls 182,000 2019 Ram 1500 trucks


January 25, 2019 – Auburn Hills, Mich. – Fiat Chrysler (FCA) has recalled approximately 182,000 Ram 1500 trucks from the 2019 model year. The problem is due to potential faults in the power steering system, as FCA announced in a bulletin picked up by outlets such as Car Complaints and CBS. Many of the trucks are still on dealers’ lots, limiting the scope of the action.

The large-scale recall involves vehicles that have been produced in recent months. The potential problems won’t completely eliminate a driver’s ability to direct an affected truck, but steering will become much harder, potentially raising the risk of a collision. The recall is one of two issued by Fiat-Chrysler so far this year.

The Defect

In impacted Ram 1500 vehicles, fasteners within the battery circuit may have been secured incorrectly. When the connection loosens, power steering becomes inconsistent and the truck may have problems in over- or under-steer conditions. Due to the danger of driving with compromised steering, the 182,000 vehicles that may have the defect are all included in the recall.

Timeline of Events

The entire recall has occurred on a highly compressed timeline. All the vehicles involved were produced Oct. 25, 2018 or later, according to FCA. The defect was discovered by internal testers rather than inspectors with a regulatory agency. Fortunately, there have been no accidents or injuries reported due to the problem thus far.

Since all the vehicles included in the recall are so new, FCA explained that nearly one-third of the over 182,000 trucks affected have not left dealership lots yet and can simply be repaired before sale. The start date of the recall period has not yet been announced, but it will most likely come within 60 days of its announcement on Jan. 25, 2019.

The Solution

Drivers with one of the over 100,000 affected Ram 1500 trucks should bring their vehicles in to Ram dealerships once the official recall period begins to have the battery fasteners repaired. The process will be provided by the dealerships, with Ram paying the bill. FCA’s phone number for owners of affected vehicles is 800-853-1403 and the automaker is readily available to answer further questions from drivers.

Sean ReyesFiat Chrysler recalls 182,000 2019 Ram 1500 trucks