Ford Recalls Mustangs Over Engine Defect

Detroit, MI – November 08, 2016 – Ford has announced the recall of Shelby GT350 and GT350R Mustangs, due to a defect that could lead to serious oil leaks, engine damage and possible fire hazards.

The Defect

Autoblog reports that Ford will be recalling 8,000 total vehicles of both models from the 2015-2017 model years. The issue is an engine oil cooler tube that could have poorly designed or insufficient crimps, which could lead to hose separation during operation. This could potentially result in an oil leak and engine failure. Owners could face an increased risk of crash or fire.

As yet, Ford says that it has no knowledge of any fires or accidents that have been caused by this defect.

Timeline Of Events

August 2016 – Ford received reports of an engine oil cooler tube replacement. The Ford Critical Concern Review Group determined that the hose in question had separated from a crimp joint.

September-October 2016 – Ford’s engineering teams attempted to analyze parts collected from the field, and determined that the hoses had not been secured properly. Specifically, the crimp process was conducted improperly, making it difficult to control crimp jaw location and hose insertion depth.

The Solution

Ford will soon notify owners of the recall, and will begin the repair process Dec. 12, 2016. Ford will replace the engine oil cooler tube at no cost to owners. Meanwhile, AutoBlog reports that Shelby GT350 Mustangs are still available for purchase, though they will not be delivered to customers and may not be driven until new parts are procured.

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