Hyundai recalls vehicles for parking brake indicator issue [Video]

Fountain Valley, Calif.—June 9, 2017—In one of a pair of Hyundai recalls, the manufacturer is taking action on vehicles with possible warning light issues for their parking brakes. This recall concerns more than 161 vehicles, with 1 percent estimated to have the defect .

If the electrical switches in these vehicles corrode, then the parking brake light could fail to display at the right times. Some of the signs of this issue are noise, smoke or extra resistance from the parking brake.

Owner notification was set for June 30. Dealers will fix the problem by replacing the parking switch with a new one made of different material. As of June 5, the manufacturer was not aware of any accidents due to this defect.

Stay tuned for more recall updates.

adminHyundai recalls vehicles for parking brake indicator issue [Video]