New Jaguar recalls pertain to XJ air bag issues

Mahwah, NJ—July 6, 2017—In a new recall, Jaguar has addressed airbag software in thousands of its XJ vehicles. According to a posting on Car Complaints, the affected autos were from the model years of 2010 and 2011, and the software in the restraint control module was said to not allow them to function properly. The recall follows an investigation into the calibration of these systems, which changed after an improper update.

The recall is set to begin this August and will, as the source said, make up for the fact that the warranty period has expired in these vehicles. Fixing these vehicles will involve updating the software to reflect the correct calibration, and therefore help reduce air bag deployment issues in the event of impact.

Earlier this year, the Jaguar XJ was part of a different air bag-related recall. A piece on the action said that these vehicles were produced between September and October in 2016 and had issues with the deflators instead of the software.

In both cases, the danger arose from a possible flaw that would keep the airbag from expanding correctly, and the earlier recall specifically involved the passenger side air bag. This recall had a manufacturer number of J080 and a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recall number of 16V943000.

Unlike the more recent recall, this previous one, submitted to the NHTSA on Dec. 22, 2016, only pertained to 16 vehicles, though 100 percent of these were estimated to have the defect, according to a Part 573 Safety Recall Report for the action.

The France-based manufacturer of the key recall component was NCS Pyrotechnie et Technologies SAS, and the original owner notification date was given as Feb. 20, almost a month after the initial dealer notification date of Dec. 28.

Rebecca RandNew Jaguar recalls pertain to XJ air bag issues

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