New Volkswagen Recalls Concern Tire Label Issues [Video]

Herndon, Va. — March 14, 2017 — A series of Volkswagen recalls address a possible Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards violation. The recalls, set to begin this month, concern tires with the wrong information, which could confuse drivers and lead them to make dangerous mistakes. In particular, they could put too much pressure on the tires, causing them to weaken.

Thousands of vehicles are part of this action all of which have the 2017 model year. According to Car Complaints, the tires give incorrect loading figures, possibly misleading owners. The manufacturer plans to fix the Beetle, Jetta and Jetta GLI cars included in this measure by replacing the labels. The new labels will display the right pressure information.

The particular relevant standard here, number one hundred and ten, requires certain vehicles to place important information on a vehicle placard. This includes the vehicle’s capacity weight and seated capacity.

adminNew Volkswagen Recalls Concern Tire Label Issues [Video]