Nissan Addressing Actuator Issues in New Recall

Franklin, TN — May 18, 2016 — Brake fluid issues are the source of a new series of Nissan recalls for Murano and Maxima model vehicles, with 2016 or 2017 model years. Only the 12,622 vehicles included in this effort are subject to the recall since they contain a specific type of anti -lock braking system actuator. As with a Toyota recall announced earlier this year, the Nissan action concerns vehicles with weakened O-rings: this condition could lower brake pressure to dangerous levels.

The Part 573 Recall Safety Report stated that the efforts behind the recall go back to January 2016, when a Nissan plant operator discovered a possible issue within a pair of actuators. Nissan officially decided to enact the voluntary recall on March 30, with a plan to notify owners within 60 days, with the recall proper beginning on June 6. Affected vehicles could violate the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Dealers can help owners by replacing any actuators that fall within the range of the recall. Though there is reportedly no field information related to this issue, the company began looking for any relevant field data between February and March. The affected parts come from the supplier ADVICS North America, based in Lebanon, Ohio.

The similar Toyota recalls were announced on April 6, with the company warning of damaged actuator components. This case involved 12,400 ES350 vehicles, among others, and only concerned 2016 model year vehicles.

Dealers were instructed to use the serial number to find whether or not a brake actuator is included in the recall. The actuator in this case doesn’t just control anti -lock braking, but also traction and vehicle stability control, posing possible larger issues for drivers when something goes wrong.

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