The New Nissan Recalls More than 1,550 Frontier Vehicles

Franklin, TN — May 03, 2016 — According to a recent National Highway Traffic Administration report, March 7 found saw an accident at a Nissan plant that would later lead to a recall. Further investigations revealed that a starter wire harness terminal had been installed incorrectly on a 2016 Nissan Frontier. After further inspection, the manufacturer officially launched a voluntary recall action, including 1,554 Frontier pickup trucks.

Because of the way these harnesses were installed, the report states, affected Frontiers with a V6 engine could experience an electrical short, eventually causing a possible “thermal incident.” To fix the issue, dealers will reorient the harness to meet safety standards. Only 18 percent of the recalled vehicle population is believed to have the defect present. A short could lead to a possible fire in affected vehicles.

In a bulletin for dealers, the manufacturer provided more specific instructions on the repair procedure. The remedy does not require additional parts, but it does demand that dealer staff look closely at the motor wire area to improve harness alignment.

In particular, the wire eyelet needs to be facing the correct position: If not, the person conducting the repair has to reposition the wire so it’s at the right angle before reconnecting the battery. The original owner notification date was listed as some time in early April.

On the other hand, if the eyelet is already in the recommended position, no further action may be necessary. What’s more, mechanics only need to replace the heat shield if there are signs of damage. The same document also stated that the recall has expanded to now include 1,680 Nissan Frontier vehicles. Out of this number, the majority (1,543 vehicles) were in the United States. Other countries/territories included in the new action are Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and Saipan.

adminThe New Nissan Recalls More than 1,550 Frontier Vehicles