Thousands of Cadillacs Added to Sunroof Related Recall

Detroit, MI — August 4, 2015 — General Motors is adding to a recall for thousands of Cadillacs around the world as it addresses a possible sunroof switch issue.

The defect

We’ve covered similar types of defect before, and in this case the affected vehicles feature overly sensitive switches that close the sunroof too quickly.

This is an extension of an already existing recall launched earlier this year that now totals more than 82,600 Cadillac ATS sedans around the world: of these, 63,665 are in the Unites States.

Even though the recall now includes added numbers, the company has yet to identify any injuries related to this problem.

It might seem like a less severe threat than a problem affecting the engine or steering systems, but the sunroofs in these Cadillacs could close faster than expected and catch fingers in the cracks, as General Motors noted in a statement quoted by

The solution

To fix the problem, dealers will have to simply replace the switch trim plate.

According to this source, the switch problem also violates standards, putting the owners in possible danger. “The power-operated roof panel systems on these vehicles will auto-close when the non-recessed portion of the ‘slide’ or ’tilt’ switches are pressed and the roof panel is open,” the company said.

“Because these switches are not fully recessed, they can be actuated with less force than required to comply with applicable federal standards,” the company added.

Verifying what difficulties in vehicles constitute violations is part of the process of promoting better car care and awareness. Only when recall statements are released to the widest possible owner audience can dealers be sure that the right message is getting out.

Check your car’s recall status using MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.

Recall MastersThousands of Cadillacs Added to Sunroof Related Recall