McLaren Sennas Recalled Over Compromised Engine Harness

Laguna Hills, CA – Oct. 28, 2019 – McLaren Automotive announced it’s recalling a select number of Senna vehicles due to the possibility the model’s engine harness makes contact with a metal link pipe heat shield. This may result in chafing, which could ultimately damage the wiring and perhaps cause the engine to power down. Such a scenario increases the risk of crash for motorists.

McLaren has not announced when it intends to inform registered owners about this 2018-2019 Senna recall, but when the automaker does so, operators are encouraged to bring their car to an area dealer for a free repair.

The Defect

In filings with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, U.K.-based automaker McLaren is recalling an estimated 129 2018-2019 Senna two-door sports cars nationwide. The fear is that a constituent part of the engine harness may weaken and touch a metal link pipe heat shield. The abrasive rubbing that may ensue over time could cause the heat shield wrap to breach, exposing circuitry bunched within the harness itself. A number of potential consequences may occur as a result of the harness contacting the heat shield, including loss in engine power, reduced torque or the engine stalling. Any of these outcomes raises the risk of a crash.

Timeline of Events

McLaren first received warning about this engine issue back on Aug. 1, so it decided to run some tests to see if the scenario would play out in trial analysis. The inquiry concluded that while there was evidence of chafing, it wasn’t so significant as to expose the wiring in the harness bundle.

Nevertheless, the next day McLaren began a comprehensive investigation into whether the issue was anomalous or systemic and why it happened in the first place. Seventy-two hours later, on Aug. 5, results confirmed the issue was not isolated and a full-on voluntary recall was warranted. This decision was made on Aug. 14.

The Solution

Although the British nameplate has not given any indication as to when motorists will be notified, it does know how to fix the problem. Those informed by first-class mail should bring their Sennas to an authorized dealer. The repair will come at no cost to owners.

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Sean ReyesMcLaren Sennas Recalled Over Compromised Engine Harness