More Than 1.5 Million Toyota Cars Recalled in Japan

Tokyo, Japan — December 07, 2015 — As part of the latest developments in the Takata airbag recalls, Toyota is extending its efforts and recalling more than 1 million vehicles in countries around the world. This action is notable because it comes after Takata was fined hundreds of millions of potential dollars by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration earlier this month, a record-setting penalty that signals an increased focus on correcting these problems. The recalls are still ongoing as further investigations continue.

While the manufacturer has already intended to recall 12 million vehicles worldwide for risk from the Takata airbag inflators, the 1.6 million vehicles included have already been previously recalled. Bloomberg reports that eight people have died from inflator explosion-related injuries so far, and nearly 100 injuries have been caused.

That source also stated that a new injury is part of the reason for this latest action: a Nissan SUV in Japan reportedly underwent a rupture that hurt an occupant. This recall so far only affects vehicles outside of the United States, particularly in Japan but also in parts of western Europe.

In total, 22 models available in Japan are subject to this Toyota recall, with manufacture dates as old as 2004. As of October 28, 2015, most of the injuries and fatalities connected to the Takata inflator ruptures occurred in Honda vehicles: Toyota models were only involved in five incidents, the most recent listed as December 25, 2014. Nissan vehicles were also responsible for the same number of incidents, stretching as far back as January 2, 2014.

adminMore Than 1.5 Million Toyota Cars Recalled in Japan

Hyundai Recalls Vehicles With Brake Lights that Stay On

Fountain Valley, CA — December 04, 2015 — Hyundai Sonata vehicles with model years 2011 and 2012 are part of a recall action sparked by concern over brake light functionality. Because of faulty material in the brake pedal stop pads for target vehicles, drivers could accidentally find themselves with brake lights that stay on continuously. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration calls this a possible hazard for those in and around the car.

A total of 304,900 vehicles are said to be involved, with 1 percent estimated to have the defect. The Manufacturer’s Report Date was November 13, and the vehicles involved were produced between December 11, 2009, and June 30, 2011 at a plant in Alabama, according to a Part 573 Safety Recall Report.

While there is no “root cause” identified for this issue yet, and no accidents attached to it either, the same source describes the problems associated with the brake light.

“A deteriorated pad can result in the stop lamps illuminating continuously, illumination of the traction control warning lamp, the ability to move the shift lever without depressing the brake pedal, or activation of the engine management system’s brake pedal override feature,” the report states.

A letter from the NHTSA notes that the recall is currently intended for January 11, 2016, which is also the planned dealer notification date. To remedy the situation, “dealers will replace the brake pedal stopper pad with an improved part,” the NHTSA letter adds. Warranty claim rates have reached as high as .5 percent this September, building off of initial claims investigations in 2014.

adminHyundai Recalls Vehicles With Brake Lights that Stay On

Ford Announces Fusion and Milan Recall for Fuel Tank Problems

Dearborn, MI — December 03, 2015 — In a new press release, Ford Motor Company announced a recall for a pair of models produced at its Hermosillo Assembly Plant. According to this statement, the recall applies to Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan vehicles: although they have model years ranging between 2010 and 2011, the manufacture dates range as far back as July, 2008. More than 411,200 vehicles in the United States alone are subject to this action.

In total, the entire recall includes 451,865 cars across North America, with most of the units found in the U.S. The manufacturer is concerned about possible fuel leaks in these vehicles, and states that affected models could be liable to dangerous cracks in the fuel tanks, leading to an increased safety risk.

“Some of these vehicles might have a canister purge valve that does not work properly, causing internal pressure changes inside the fuel tank,” the source said. “Repeated pressure changes inside the tank could result in a crack on the top of the tank, possibly allowing fuel to leak. A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source can lead to a fire.” The remedy may require dealers to replace the fuel tank entirely, but only after inspecting it first.

In the same release, Ford also announced a separate recall for 13 F-650 autos produced between this July and September. The mechanism that positions these vehicles in “park” could theoretically break, so the manufacturer has called for dealers to replace affected steering columns as a remedy.

Earlier this year, a different series of Ford recalls targeted Fusion and Milan models, among others, for steering motor sensor difficulties.

adminFord Announces Fusion and Milan Recall for Fuel Tank Problems

Mustang Seatbelt Recall Will Begin in December

Late last month, Ford announced that it would recall certain Mustangs for seatbelt issues. As Car and Driver reported, this was part of a series of recalls that accounted for nearly 113,000 vehicles. The Mustang seatbelt concern, however, only applies to 1,900 cars.

This recall is scheduled to begin December 14, and will focus on Mustangs produced this September and October, with the model year 2016. These seatbelts reportedly don’t comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard and could fail to properly protect passengers in the event of a crash.

To fix this, dealers are going to overhaul the seatbelts, including the affected child seat tether anchors and the front and rear belt assemblies.

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Sean ReyesMustang Seatbelt Recall Will Begin in December

New Volkswagen recall centers on Porsche [Video]

While Volkswagen is still reeling from a scandal involving emission cheats, it has announced a new worldwide recall for thousands of Porsches. In a press release, the company noted that consumer complaints have prompted this voluntary action, which will address faulty fuel lines in Macan S and Macan Turbo cars.

In affected vehicles, a leak in the low-pressure fuel line could require the entire line to be replaced. No injuries have been traced to this issue, and the entire range includes nearly 59,000 autos. Of these, only 21,000 are in the United States.

Vehicle owners will work closely and directly with the manufacturer to have the affected units overhauled in the workshop for approximately one hour. The other Volkswagen recall concerns 11 million cars for the emissions cheating software in their engines.

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adminNew Volkswagen recall centers on Porsche [Video]