Airbag concerns lead to new GM recall

Washington, D.C. — August 25, 2015 — Adding to the recent wealth of recalls from various manufacturers over airbag deployment concerns, General Motors is now recalling thousands of Chevrolet Impalas. This issue focuses on a defect that would leave only infant passengers and younger children at risk, according to the Detroit News. Owners with children may have to think carefully about the possible dangers of driving these cars with them in the front seat.

Impalas manufactured as late as this June could sport a defect that doesn’t detect if a child seat is installed in the front of the vehicle. The error comes from a calibration problem in an electronic vehicle module, which in turn traces back to issues during vehicle assembly. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) features a recall bulletin detailing the steps needed to correct the “passenger service system” in affected vehicles and improve safety. The fix reportedly takes less than an hour of labor time. The recall specifically applies to those vehicles with vented-heated seats.

“Before the passenger presence system can be re-zeroed the front passenger seat must be completely empty of all items,” the bulletin reads. “The presence of any liquid or items on the front passenger seat will affect the calibration and operation of the passenger presence system.”

A total of 8,989 Impalas are targeted in this action, most of them in the United States and Canada. The NHTSA document indicates that the warning light could turn on when the seat isn’t occupied in the recalls, possibly leading users to discern exactly how at risk they and their families are.

adminAirbag concerns lead to new GM recall