Big Ford Recall – What to do if your Engine Stalls

Risk: Sudden engine stalling, unexpectedly running out of gas

Ford recalled 1.3 million Ford Focus cars because fuel system valves can get stuck open, causing cars to suddenly stall, fail to re-start and/or unexpectedly run out of gas increasing the risk of crashing. You may see warning lights.


  • First clue? As soon as you sense trouble, hit your turn signal and make your way to the shoulder. Don’t wait for a complete stall out.
  • No power? Turn on your flashers and call 911. Don’t try to drift to the side of the road unless you have enough momentum and clear lanes to get there. You don’t want to block two lanes!
  • Panic? Yep, people do. But you are going to think straight: check for oncoming traffic, use your turn signal and get over
  • Safe Side? Right side is best! But if you are stalling and in the left lane, exit left
  • Sit Tight? YES. Stay IN the car, ensure your seatbelt is on. Lookie Loo’s often drift in the direction they’re looking.
  • Roadside Rear-ender? Happens all the time. If you can, place your car in neutral to reduce impact energy if someone smashes into you
  • Can you get it Fixed Free? Yes, if it’s under recall you can! Find out by checking And guys? If your car is under recall, for Pete’s sake — get it fixed! Industry: Consumers:

Sandra ThomasBig Ford Recall – What to do if your Engine Stalls