Supercars Recalled For Takata Airbag Issues

It’s been more than two years since Takata airbag inflators were found to have been defective and needed to be recalled. Even still, vehicle models continue to be identified for airbag-related recalls.

Car and Driver reports that a number of supercars have now been affected. These include older vehicles, such as the 2012 Fisker Karma and the Lexus LFA. But many recent cars will also be recalled, including the 2017 Audi R8 and the 2016-2017 McLaren 570S. Most notable is that the entire Ferrari lineup from 2016-2017 has been affected, according to the news source.

Tesla, the all-electric vehicle maker that is steadily growing in popularity and prestige, will be affected as well. The company will have to recall all 2012-2016 Model S sedans for airbag inflator problems.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration determined last year that affected airbags used an ammonium nitrate-based propellant, but did not use a chemical drying agent. As a result, temperature variations and moisture began to cause airbags to improperly inflate, while launching shrapnel at drivers and passengers. As many as 11 deaths and 180 injuries in the U.S. have been attributed to this defect.

So far, it does not appear that any of the affected supercars have been responsible for additional deaths and injuries. But the fact that so many of these models are relatively new – with some even being released after news of the Takata recall broke – suggests that automakers have had difficulty sourcing components made by other manufacturers.

Consumer Reports estimates that by the time the recall is finished, a total of 42 million vehicles in the U.S. will be affected.

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Airbag Module Concerns Lead to Lexus Recall

Washington, D.C. — February 08, 2016 — Thousands of vehicles are part of a new recall effort in response to airbag concerns in certain Lexus vehicles. Though owners won’t be notified until March, Toyota recently announced the recall effort in a January 27 press release in its official online newsroom.

“This recall specifically affects RX 350 and RX 450h models.”

According to this statement, the manufacturer is recalling “approximately 5,000” 2016 Lexus vehicles that could contain badly-manufactured airbag modules. The company has called for dealers to inspect these faulty assemblies and replace them as necessary to avoid putting operators at risk.

This recall specifically affects RX 350 and RX 450h models, and comes in the same month that Lexus announced the LC 500 luxury coupe. So far, no injuries have been traced to the RX Lexus recalls, and it does not appear to be related to other similar issues like the Takata airbag recalls.

“The involved vehicles are equipped with a driver’s knee airbag module that may not have been properly manufactured,” the most recent statement says. “This could affect the performance of the airbag and increase the risk of injury in a crash.”

With a new death linked to the Takata airbag inflators, Toyota is still involved with the ongoing recall effort, one that has expanded to include millions of cars.

Earlier this month, the New York Times reported that this auto manufacturer had worked with Takata to test some of the recalled vehicles for ruptures. Results revealed three RAV-4 airbag inflators ruptured during the test, triggering a recall for those that use these and similar systems. Ford also tested 1,900 inflators for defects and found none.

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