Chrysler recalls Jeeps with noncompliant software [Video]

Hello, and welcome to another vehicle recall update.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has recalled more than three thousand sport utility vehicles suspected to contain instrument control panel software that violates Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The campaign affects two-thousand-seventeen Jeep Renegade models. F-C-A suspects 100 percent of the vehicles named in the recall contain the defective software.

The models named in the campaign are equipped with I-P-C software that causes malfunction indicators to illuminate when no mechanical problems are present. This violates F-M-V-S-S standard 101, which stipulates that warning lights should only shine when actual engine issues occur.

F-C-A has directed dealers to update the software in all affected Jeep Renegades, free of charge. The car company plans to contact owners on or about September sixteenth, two-thousand and seventeen.

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adminChrysler recalls Jeeps with noncompliant software [Video]