Faulty Mustang Door Springs Spark Ford Recalls

Dearborn, Mich. — Apr. 03, 2017 — Ford is recalling several thousand 2017 Mustang-brand vehicles that may accidentally open their doors during use. This is a safety compliance recall, and the company has said in a statement that the manufacturer has no evidence of any related accidents or injuries.

The Defect
The recall affects 5,756 total vehicles, 5,470 of which were in the U. S., and all of which bear the 2017 model year, produced this year. These vehicles could contain doors with a misaligned spring, prompting the driver-side door to potentially open during a collision. Though this would only happen with the unseated spring, it could still pose a safety risk to occupants.

Timeline of Events

Jan. 13-31, 2017: Ford manufactured the soon-to-be recalled vehicles at its Flat Rock Assembly Plant.
March 15, 2017: Ford released and official statement about the fault.

The Resolution

Ford plans to fix the fault on behalf of owners for free, following an inspection. Since the fault is located in the return spring, that will presumably be the focus of the repairs.

This recall echoes a similar action announced last September, which targeted exactly 2,046,297 vehicles in the U.S. alone. This recall included not just the 2015 model year Ford Mustang, but also other models such as the Lincoln MKC and the Ford Transit Connect.

That number mentioned was actually the total amount after the September expansion, which included around 1.5 million vehicles instead of the original number. Instead of the return spring, this other recall pertained to the pawl spring tab, which would have a similar affect of preventing the door from closing. In that case, the resolution was the same, with the manufacturer pledging to replace the faulty latches. As of Sept. 16, 2016, there were three injuries traced back to this fault.

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