Faulty start buttons lead to Nissan recall action

Detroit, MI — September 4, 2015 — The Associated Press (AP) recently reported on a recall effort from Nissan that concerns hundreds of thousands of vehicles around the world because of an issue with the vehicle engine start buttons. Though the models involved vary, all of these vehicles have the potential for the button to stick inside its housing, should it be exposed to extremely hot temperatures.

The real problem arises when the vehicle with the stuck switch travels and disturbs the switches with what the AP describes as “road vibrations.” Internationally, the manufacturer is recalling around 270,000, but within the United States the number is 14,595.

Most of the model names mentioned by the source are sedans built between 2013 and 2014, including Versa, Pulsar, Sunny and Almera. Once the button is stuck in one position, the driver of an affected vehicle may find themselves more vulnerable to a crash. To solve this problem, dealers will modify the switch housing.

The Recall Report on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website goes into further detail about the conditions leading to this potential hazard. It takes pains to emphasize that the stuck button is “extremely rare” and only poses a problem if the vehicle encounters vibrations while the button is in this position.

“Due to manufacturing issues that have since been corrected, the casting of the immobilizer antenna housing did not meet design specification,” it reads “As a result, on some of the affected vehicles, the antenna housing can shrink due to environmental exposure to hot temperatures which cause the engine start/stop button to potentially stick inside its housing.”

With sufficient recall reporting techniques, possible dangers can be addressed in a timely manner, with a clear path laid out for dealers and owners alike to follow.

adminFaulty start buttons lead to Nissan recall action