Ford F-150s Pulled Due To Loose Engine Assemblies

Laguna Hills, CA – Nov. 21, 2019 – Ford Motor Company says it intends to recall over 135,000 F-150 pickup trucks. The flawed vehicles – with 2019 and 2020 model years – may be equipped with power distribution boxes and battering monitoring systems whose fasteners may be improperly installed. Should they loosen, performance of the automobile could be adversely impacted, which could be manifested by the engine stalling or disabling the steering assist feature. Any or all of these outcomes increase the risk of an accident and resultant injury.

Motorists made aware of the 2019-2020 Ford F-150 recall are kindly asked to contact their local dealership so this issue can be addressed. Operators will not be charged for parts or labor.

The Defect

As detailed in paperwork prepared by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Ford is recalling 135,725 F-150 pickup trucks from the road as well as those that have yet to be sold. Within the engines of the automaker’s latest F-150 models – 2019 and 2020 – are power distribution and battery monitoring system boxes, which ensure a smooth delivery of energy to the pickup’s various parts.

At some point during manufacturing, however, the cable wire harnesses and eyelets were not torqued properly. Insufficient tautness may impair other elements of the car’s functions, such as panel displays, braking assist, steering assist or stalling of the engine. The abruptness of these performance issues may lead to a crash, thus increasing the risk of injury.

Timeline of Events

This problem first came to light in late September, according to NHTSA documentation. Corporate offices assigned Ford’s Critical Concern Review Group to investigate. They discovered in a sample case shortly afterward that the wiring sealant adhesive used in the BMS terminal eyelit was preventing the unit from adhering to the F-150’s battery B+ terminals. A follow-up investigation was subsequently ordered to see if this issue was aberrant or institutional. The audit revealed that others models could be affected due to a supplier change that the company made in June of this year. Process changes had also gone into effect around this time.

By Nov. 4, Ford decided to reach out to NHTSA to inform the agency that a recall was necessary, which became official Nov. 12.

It’s little wonder the recall potentially affects so many of the same model because the F-150 is a perennial leader in sales for Ford. The Dearborn, Michigan-based automaker sold 214,176 Ford F-Series pickups in the third quarter, reported. It was the best-selling model in the three-month period overall, outperforming the Ram Pickup and Chevrolet Silverado.

The Solution

The automaker has an answer to the 2019-2020 Ford F-150 recall. Registered motorists who receive notifications about this problem are urged to take their automobile to a local authorized Ford dealer. There, the vehicle will be assessed to determine if the problems exists and reassemble the flawed joint or retorque loosened fasteners. These repairs will come at no cost. Operators can expect to receive mailers alerting them to this problem starting Nov. 25.

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Sean ReyesFord F-150s Pulled Due To Loose Engine Assemblies

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