Ford issues second recall of E-Series vans over power steering issue 

Dearborn, MI  – March 11, 2024 – Ford (NYSE:F) is recalling 16,543 vehicles over a problem with the power steering feature, which may up the risk of a crash.

This is the second recall for the issue that comes on the back of hundreds of warranty claims and one accident. Vehicles that were previously repaired “will need a new remedy” performed.

The recall covers the following models: 

  • 2021 – 2022 Ford E-350
  • 2021 – 2022 Ford E-450

Recall summary  

The power steering and brake boost systems in cars are interconnected thanks to a power steering pump which supplies fluid to both systems, enabling their function.

In the affected vehicles, a faulty connection between the power steering pressure line and the brake Hydroboost unit could result in either a “leak or sudden loss of power steering fluid.”        

Recall risks

Insufficient or loss of power steering fluid can make the vehicle much harder to steer and brake during use, compromising drivability and upping the risk of a crash.  

Other Ford recalls

In December 2023, Ford recalled close to 190,000 Mustangs over reduced braking capability, as reported.

In January 2024, Ford issued a recall for Maverick pickups because of faulty turn signals, also as reported.  

Background of the recall 

Ford initially recalled more than 44,000 E-Series vehicles equipped with dual rear wheels in February 2022 due to a power steering fluid leak issue. The company opened an investigation in August 2023 after receiving reports that the problem remained on vehicles that were previously repaired.

Ford has recorded one accident that may be related to the issue and received 628 warranty claims leading up to the recall. No injuries have been reported.

The repair

Dealers will replace the appropriate power steering and brake booster components free of charge. Ford will reimburse owners who paid for their own repairs prior to the recall being issued.

Owners will be notified by March 29, 2024. 

Is your vehicle a part of this recall?

More than 16,000 vehicles are affected by this Ford power steering recall. To do a Ford recall check and see if yours is one of them, please use MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.

Joseph EstabilloFord issues second recall of E-Series vans over power steering issue 

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