Ford recalls trucks over seatbelt issue

Dearborn, MI — August 19, 2015 — In a new press release, Ford Motor Company recently announced a safety compliance recall that will encompass several thousand vehicles in the United States and Canada. According to this source, the seat belt anchorage defects in certain F-650 and F-750 stem from the Escobedo Assembly Plant where they were put together.

Only 417 of the recalled autos are in Canada: more than 25,940 of them are in the United States, and the model years include 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015. The affected vehicles were produced between 2011 and 2015, and a proper remedy procedure is reportedly “still being developed” in the wake of the large volume of recalled vehicles.

Though the improper alignment of seat belt systems that prompted this recall has not led to any known incidents yet, the manufacturer stated that the current position in these vehicles does leave them liable for possible injury in certain situations.

“In these vehicles, the front passenger and center seat belts might not be anchored in the correct position relative to the seat, increasing the risk of injury in a crash,” the statement reads. The Detroit News put this action into a greater context by noting that Ford has recalled nearly 4 million total vehicles in more than 20 different recalls. Ford is said to be shifting its production away from this plant.

This compares to the national statistics, which have encompassed 32.4 million vehicles within a series of “nearly 500 campaigns” this year so far. Last year, more than 800 campaigns were issued for a total of nearly 64 million.

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