Ford recalls vehicles for possible driveline fractures


Dearborn, Mich.—April 14, 2017—In a statement released on March 29, Ford announced several recalls addressing a range of issues in their vehicles. One of these concerned fears if transmission or driveline fractures in F-450 and F-550 Superduty models, both of which with the model year of 2017.

The Defect

This is a speed-based problem in which the risk is higher for when operators drive faster than 75 miles per hour. The two groups of vehicles together make up 509 units in the U.S., with the last relevant manufacture date being Feb. 21, 2017.

An unstable driveshaft could lead to transmission or component fractures depending on the speed, perhaps causing the driveline to vibrate noticeably, according to the Part 573 Safety Recall report. The problem could have more than one result, leading to the vehicle either moving unexpectedly while parked or stopping without warning.

Timeline of Events

  • Feb. 16, 2016: Production on both of the affected models began at the company’s Ohio Assembly Plant.
  • Feb.-March, 2017: The manufacturer’s review group responded to warranty claims and reports of fractures related to this issue. After testing the vehicle with speeds as high as 81 miles per hour, the group started looking more closely at possible evidence of the issue.
  • March 20, 2017: The company officially decided to move forward with the field action.

The Resolution

Ford’s fix for this action involves dealers replacing the driveshaft. The report with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that the new unit will include a “three-piece driveshaft and two center bearing brackets.”

The planned dealer notification date was listed as March 28, and the owner date as April 4. Other Ford recalls announced in the same group release included actions concerning door latches, windshield header welds and possible risk under hoods.

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