In May Jeep recalls, 2017 Compass could have axle faults


Auburn Hills, Mich.—May 22, 2017—Structural issues have led to a new Jeep recall this month, with drivers at possible risk of their vehicles suddenly slowing or failing to park. According to CNet, the recall isn’t scheduled to begin until next month but could affect 1,178 Compass vehicles with the model year of 2017.

The Defect

The source said that these vehicles may not have axles in the correct place, potentially leading to transmission connection problems. Though it could manifest in different ways, the axle that fails to connect with the rest of the transmission could make it difficult to operate the vehicle normally, making basic functions involving the car difficult.

Timeline of Events

  • February 2017: The 2017 Jeep Compass first became available for sale, according to Forbes.
  • May 2017: Inventory availability increased, the source said, while the CNet piece appeared on May 22.
  • June 2017: CNet said this was when the recall itself would actually take place, sometime around June 23.

The Resolution

Before the fix even happens, owners can try engaging the parking brake, since this is not affected by the issue prompting recall. For a long term solution, dealers plan to replace any defective half-shafts in these vehicles to offset the risk of disengagement. The problem is specifically said to be with the “left front half-shaft,” CNet said. confirmed that the recall won’t cost owners.

An earlier article from the same source mentioned a December recall launched for a different reason. Some 2016 Jeep Compass models were part of a larger recall that affected a total of 43,000 vehicles from the same year, including other brands, such as Dodge. In addition to stalling, these vehicles could have possibly experienced instrument cluster errors, due to camshaft or crankshaft connector issues.

adminIn May Jeep recalls, 2017 Compass could have axle faults