More than 250 Lincoln Town Cars recalled for lack of seating

Dearborn, MI — August 31, 2015 — This July, Ford Motor Company announced a recall for many Lincoln MKT Town Cars missing the back seats. While the press release stated that 91 vehicles were involved in this action, the Part 573 report on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website states that 265 livery vehicles were potentially affected by this issue and violating safety regulations.

In addition to the missing seats, some of the cars could also be missing the spare tire. The response to this problem has been relatively quick, with the lack of seats first noticed on July 14 and field action first gaining approval on the 21st. The targeted vehicles were produced at Ford's Oakville Assembly plant earlier this year.

The NHTSA document describes the issues related to the lack of seating, including the discrepancy between what these vehicles say their occupancy is and the reality. There were reportedly no injuries associated with this problem as of August 21.

"The placard installed on these vehicles lists the designated seating capacity as five; two in front, three in rear," the report says. "These vehicles were designed and intended to have a second row seat; therefore, the front passenger seating position is not equipped with a tether anchorage."

Since the manufacturer has identified all of the vehicles included in this recall, it will not send specific letters to each owner, though it will "provide remedy instructions" to fleet representatives. This remedy involves installing the rear seat in those vehicles where it is missing, and is part of the original recall associated with the Town Cars.

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