Navistar recalls heavy-duty trucks that may stall

Lisle, IL September 29, 2022 – Navistar, which owns the International brand, is recalling 6,883 heavy-duty trucks whose engines may shut down. This could cause them to stall while driving, increasing the risk of a crash and injury.

This is the third recall for this issue. Trucks affected by this recall include: 

  • 2018 – 2021 Navistar International HV
  • 2018 – 2020 Navistar International HX
  • 2018 – 2019 Navistar International LT
  • 2018 – 2019 Navistar International RH

All affected trucks are equipped with International’s A26 engines.

Recall summary  

Internal combustion engines have many moving parts that work together to generate power output. These include pistons, which move up and down, and connecting rods that attach to them. In the affected vehicles, part of the connecting rod may crack or break apart. If this happens, the engine could shut down with little warning, causing the vehicle to stall. The defect is due to an improperly manufactured part (the connecting rod wrist pin).

The component causing this recall is the connecting rod, with part number 7096533C91. 

Background of the recall

The current recall follows one in May 2020 and another in April 2021 relating to the same issue. Navistar has expanded the scope and introduced a remedy since the initial recall.

Warning signs

The driver might notice a knocking noise or the truck could idle roughly. In addition, the driver may notice an illuminated engine warning light. 

Recall risks

For more on risks of this recall, please see this article about a RAM investigation.

Other Navistar recalls

Earlier this year, in June, Navistar recalled more than 5,000 of their buses because of steering wheels that could detach

In February 2021, Navistar recalled over 27,000 International trucks whose engines could shut down unexpectedly. 


Dealers will install new knock detection software, which should warn the driver before the engine connecting rod fails. A red warning light on the dashboard will alert drivers to the need to stop as soon as possible. Engines with suspect connecting rods will be repaired. Both the software update and the repair will be performed free of charge. 

Notifications to vehicle owners will be sent on November 14, 2022.

Is your vehicle part of this recall?

More than 5,000 trucks are being recalled because of this Navistar connecting rod wrist pin problem. To do a Navistar recall check and see if yours is one of them, use MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.

Bojan PopicNavistar recalls heavy-duty trucks that may stall