Nissan Recalls Hybrid Vehicles for Powertrain Module Problems

Franklin, Tenn. — September 16, 2016 — A group of 1,140 Nissan vehicles may experience engine shutdown in some circumstances. According to the Part 573 Safety Recall Support, submitted July 8, the recall affects both 2012 and 2013 Infiniti M35 Hybrid models. The ones concerned were specifically produced between March 23, 2010 and September 9, 2013.

As the report described, the cooling systems in these vehicles could malfunction, leading them to possibly overheat. While this would set off the warning lamp, the source said that occupants could ignore this sign, putting themselves in potential danger. This would not affect the brakes, but it would possibly stop the engine, leaving passengers and drivers at risk of an accident.

Nissan has investigated the issue since April and is having dealers reprogram software in affected vehicles free of charge for owners. The campaign’s Aftersales Retailer Support document went into further detail about this action, describing exactly how the vehicles in question are distributed: The majority (1,130 units) are in the U.S., with 94 in Canada, six in Puerto Rico and four in Guam.

This notice also said that the affected vehicles were manufactured in Tochigi, Japan. No parts are apparently necessary for the repair other than the software, already available through ASIST. Though the advisory said that dealer repair times could vary, it also estimated that the repair process would take “approximately 1 hour.”

All authorized Infiniti dealers are supposedly able to conduct this service, but they are cautioned to update their software and turn off external devices before preparing to fix the issue.

Earlier this year, other Infiniti vehicles, including different years of the QX60 and Q50 models, were part of a different recall for possible Occupant Classification System issues. All together, 3,177,645 were potentially affected.

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