Nissan Recalls Vehicles for Fuel Pump Plating [Video]

Franklin, TN — March 31, 2016 — Last December, Nissan recalled more than 30,000 Nissan Rogues for transmission issues that could see the vehicle shift gears unexpectedly. A new recall for the same model concerns a totally different issue involving faulty fuel pump materials.

A safety recall report notes that some of the cars included in this recall may lose nickel fuel pump plating, putting engine functionality at risk. The vehicles involved were produced between February and June of 2014, and could suffer serious fuel pump problems if plating particles get into the wrong area.

The company decided a recall would be necessary on March 3, after processing warranty data. To fix this problem, the manufacturer will include a new component that uses a different kind of coating for the pump.

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adminNissan Recalls Vehicles for Fuel Pump Plating [Video]