Potential Braking Issue Leads To Daimler Trucks Recall

Laguna Hills, CA – June 19, 2019 – Daimler Trucks of North America (DTNA) is recalling nearly a dozen 2019 models due to an apparent flaw in the affected vehicles’ air brakes, which may prevent the brakes from working as effectively as they’re intended. This may raise the chances of a crash if motorists are in traffic situations that require them to stop suddenly. The manufacturer says it will relay this information to motorists by July 12 so they can make the appropriate arrangements to have the problem assessed. If a repair is necessary, it will come at no charge.

The Defect

In paperwork submitted to the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 253 Daimler trucks have a potential safety issue that is serious enough to warrant a recall. These 2019 models include the following:

  • Freightliner 108SD
  • Business Class M2
  • 114SD
  • Cascadia
  • Western Star 5700

According to NHTSA documents, the braking system may have caliper mounting bolts that either weren’t sufficiently tightened in the vehicle assembly process or may loosen while the trucks are in operation regardless of how they were originally tightened. In such a scenario, when the brake pad is applied, the air brakes’ effectiveness may be reduced, decreasing handling control and increasing the risk of a crash – as well as the potential for injury.

Timeline of Events

DTNA was first alerted to this issue in March 2019, learning that in isolated incidents, certain trucks had caliper mounting bolts that were either loose or missing. Each of these cases were traced back to an assembly plant in York, South Carolina that manufactures and installs brake components.

Later that month, DTNA reached out to Meritor, its brake manufacturer, to further investigate. The company, Meritor, then reviewed the relevant data and determined that nine models – each of which were assembled in 2018 between Aug. 20 and Sept. 27 – had axles without accompanying caliper bolts. It was unclear whether bolts had been improperly fastened or didn’t exist, having perhaps fallen off at some point. Their findings were then relayed to DTNA in May, which prompted Daimler to issue a voluntary recall for the models in question. NHTSA was alerted May 14.

The Solution

Starting July 12, Daimler will officially reach out to affected customers by first-class mail to inform them that their vehicles’ air brakes may be impaired. To ensure that such brakes will work properly, motorists should have the issue examined by a DTNA dealer as soon as possible. As with virtually all automotive safety recalls, the repair is complimentary.

To see if your vehicle is included in this or any other recall, enter your 17-digit VIN in the appropriate field at MotorSafety.org.

Sean ReyesPotential Braking Issue Leads To Daimler Trucks Recall