Power-Window Issue Leads to Toyota Recall

Tokyo, Japan — October, 29 2015 — More than 6 million vehicles are part of a new worldwide Toyota recall over faulty power window switches. According to the Wall Street Journal, North America will see closer to 2.7 million vehicles recalled, as the manufacturer addresses cars produced over a five year period, beginning in January 2005. No serious fatalities and one minor injury has been attributed to these conditions, though there have been more than 11 cases documented in which fires affected the vehicles.

In affected vehicles, fires could break out because of too-little grease on driver’s side windows. Components inside the car could melt, leaving drivers and passengers both at risk. Over time, the electrics can wear down and spark a fire, destroying or damaging sections of the auto, like the switch assembly. Vehicle models involved in this recall include RAV4s, Corollas and Camrys. In addition to these numbers, more than 1 million cars will recalled in Europe.

The company has acknowledged that the fault could lead to a potential fire in target vehicles, and is not related to the Takata recalls that have affected millions of Toyota vehicles. The supplier in this case is Tokai Rika Co., a representative of which defended the car company’s actions.

“We have been taking various measures to prevent problems from recurring,” this person said, as the Wall Street Journal notes. “But the recalled vehicles carry older components.”

USA Today notes that Toyota has issued a similar recall in the past, centering around 150,000 vehicles from between 2007 and 2009. The company will administer a free remedy in response to the recall.

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