Roush Recalls Modified Ford Trucks

Livonia, Mich. – March 28, 2017 – Roush CleanTech, an alternative fuel technology firm, has recalled 434 modified Ford vehicles equipped with faulty fuel control valves, according to documentation filed with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. The recall impacts propane-operated Ford E-450 cutaway trucks and vans, F-59 stepvans and F-650 and F-750 heavy duty diesel pickups manufactured between August 2015 and February 2017.

The Defect

Affected models include fuel control valves that exhibit over-current and short-to-ground performance. This increases engine temperatures capable of degrading the non conductive coverings that protect the solenoid wiring coils contained within the valves. When these fixtures fall apart, the valve closes, halting the flow propane to the engine and prompting complete shutdown. This poses serious risks to drivers, as the vehicles could cease operation suddenly and increase the likelihood of a crash.

Timeline of Events

Three separate owners reported incidents of solenoid failure in December 2016, two involving supply valve solenoids and one involving return valve solenoids. Roush contacted the fuel control valve supplier, Parker Hannifin Corporation based in New Britain, Connecticut, and explained the incidents. Soon after, Roush initiated an internal investigation to better understand the problem and identify a solution.

The firm evaluated fuel control valves in the Parker inventory, focusing on the state of the solenoid wiring coils. Roush discovered that, due to the placement of a small plastic bobbin, the coil wiring was slightly eschew. This failed to create enough distance between the wiring and the metal coil casting, leading to the over-current and short-to-ground performance. The parts had gone through the inspection process without being flagged.

Roush decided to issue a recall March 8, 2017, following its investigation. Dealers received notification of the recall March 14.

The Solution

The company has pledged to replace the defective parts, free of charge, according to the NHTSA. Owners should expect to receive notification between March 31 and April 30.

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