Subaru recalls WRX cars over faulty rear lights, rearview camera issue

Camden, NJ – August 7, 2022 – Subaru (OTCMKTS:FUJHY) has issued a recall for 59,934 2015-2021 WRX sedans over “inoperative” rear lights and reverse camera. This increases the risk of a crash.

Recall summary

The backup light switch is responsible for activating the reverse lights on a car. Shifting the transmission to Reverse gear allows the switch to activate the rear lights and also engages the rearview camera.

On the affected vehicles, the backup light switch is exposed to heated oil. The sulfur in the oil can corrode the electrical contacts of the switch, and they will not be as efficient in conducting electricity. Eventually, this will cause the backup light switch to stop working.     

The cause of the defect is not clear but was replicated in tests conducted by the manufacturer under “excessive or abusive driving conditions.”

Recall risks

Read more about the risks of this defect in our recent article about a similar rearview camera recall issued by Dodge. 

Warning signs

When the backup light switch has failed, drivers will notice that the “R” symbol will not appear on the dashboard when reverse gear is engaged. 

Other Subaru recalls 

In January 2022, the company issued a recall for 198,255 Ascent and Outback SUVs due to a malfunctioning transmission.

In May 2021, Subaru recalled 446,205 Impreza and Crosstrek vehicles over a problem with the engine control module or ECM. A programming failure on the component can lead to the engine stalling while the vehicle is being driven, increasing the risk of a crash.


Dealers will inspect and replace the faulty backup light switch with a new one. The repairs will be done free of charge, and Subaru will reimburse customers who availed of the remedy before the recall was announced.  

Affected owners will have been notified by September 19, 2022. 

Is your vehicle part of this recall?

More than 59,000 vehicles are included in this WRX recall. To see if your vehicle is affected by this electrical issue, run a Subaru recall check using MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.  

Joseph EstabilloSubaru recalls WRX cars over faulty rear lights, rearview camera issue

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