Subaru Vehicles from 2015 and 2016 Could Suddenly Stall

Cherry Hill, NJ — April 15, 2016 — Both Subaru Forester and WRX vehicles are part of a recent recall action. According to an official report, the automaker believes some of these units with the 2015 and 2016 model years were assembled with the wrong material in the “turbocharger air intake duct.” As a result, the company is recalling 18,200 vehicles which may contain components from the DaikyoNishikawa Corporation. A crack in this duct could possibly stall the vehicle.

The source traced the first report of a related stall to December 2015. Though this problem could lead to a sudden, unexpected loss of power, there are some possible warnings: drivers may want to look for the “Check Engine” light, as well as indicators of lower engine power or a “rough idle.”

As the report further described, the parts causing the recall contain a specific lot number that factors into the planned remedy.

“Subaru will inspect the lot number molded on the engine turbocharger air intake duct to determine if it was produced with incorrect material,” the source said. “If a specific lot number is found, the duct will be replaced. If a different lot number is found, replacement is not necessary.”

A press release from the company republished in Autoblog stated that there was no official recall schedule released as of March 21. However, the March 17 Part 573 report claimed that the planned dealer recall date was March 21.

In a separate repair procedure document, the same company noted that only some of the vehicles in the Subaru recalls will require a full replacement. Specifically, the repair order only applies to ducts produced in April 2015. Those that were built on this date will require three separate parts: the air intake duct, gasket and O ring.

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