GM Recalls Over One Million 2015 Vehicles Due to Faulty Steering Assist

Lilburn, Georgia – September 22, 2018 – General Motors has discovered a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety in the following vehicles:

  • 2015 Chevrolet Silverado LD
  • 2015 Suburban and Tahoe vehicles
  • 2015 GMC Sierra LD and Yukon vehicles
  • 2015 Cadillac Escalade

GM has issued a recall for over one million vehicles.

The defect

According to the NHTSA Safety Recall Report, the affected vehicles may experience a temporary loss of EPS assist, followed by a sudden return of EPS assist.

This is most likely to happen during low-speed turning maneuvers. The loss and sudden return of EPS assist typically occurs within a 1 second period. The steering malfunction is caused by an electrical/software issue.

The danger lies in the fact that if EPS assist is lost and suddenly returned, the driver could have difficulty steering the vehicle. The likelihood of a crash is increased, especially at low speeds.

Low speed turns can cause temporary low voltage conditions, and if system voltage drops below 8.8 volts for more than 1 second, EPS assist is disabled. When voltage returns to 9 volts for a minimum of 40 milliseconds, EPS assist returns.

If power steering assist is lost a driver information center message may alert the driver to an EPS problem, and other electrical sub-systems may shut down just prior to or at the same time as the EPS event.

This can cause disruption to operation of the radio, stabilitrack, the DIC, chimes, door-lock cycling, air conditioning, or cruise control.

Timeline of events

In late June 2018, an increase in field reports and customer complaints about EPS issues led GM to open a safety investigation into loss of EPS in the subject vehicles. 

GM’s safety investigator and engineering-analysis experts determined the loss-of-EPS issues was caused by the same electrical issue discovered in trucks that GM recalled in 2017. GM’s Safety Field Action Decision Authority subsequently chose to conduct a safety recall.

The solution

According to an NHTSA FAQ published for the recall, customers who own a vehicle involved in the field action will be notified by mail by General Motors, but the exact date the recall will begin is not yet set and the manufacture has not published a notification schedule.

Dealers will perform a reflash of the EPS module software. The inspection/repair will be done at no cost to the customer, and is available at Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC dealers. Customers are strongly urged to repair their vehicle as soon as possible.

Courtesy transportation is available for customers whose vehicles are involved in the recall, and whose vehicles are still within the warranty coverage period for the warranty which is associated with the recall.

Check your car’s recall status using MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.

Sean ReyesGM Recalls Over One Million 2015 Vehicles Due to Faulty Steering Assist