Nissan recalls Rogue crossovers over unsecured child car seats

Franklin, TN – September 13, 2021 – Nissan (OTCMKTS:NSANY) has recalled 47,098 compact SUVs with faulty back seat tether wires, which help anchor children’s car seats. The wires may fail to hold the seat during a crash or a sudden stop, increasing the risk of injury for the child in the seat.

The recall includes 2021 Nissan Rogue SUVs and concerns seat backs with multiple part numbers, including 88650 6RC1A/B and 88650 6RD1A/B.

Recall summary  

There are two ways to secure a child seat: with seat belts or with the so-called lower anchors and tethers for children (LATCH) system. 

The recalled 2021 Nissan Rogues may have some loose car seat anchor points, referred to as “upper tether wires,” that were not welded correctly at the factory. These anchor points are used in car seats with a top tether strap, and may not hold the seat in the event of a crash.


Research by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has shown that car seats reduce fatalities by 71% for children under one year old, and by 54% for toddlers between one and four years old. In 2017 alone, car seats saved an estimated 312 lives among children under the age of five. 

If car seats are not properly secured to the car, they will not offer this level of protection. A weak anchor point might fail to hold the car seat during a crash or a sudden stop, increasing the risk of injury to the child sitting in it.

Other Nissan recalls

Over 13,000 2021 Nissan Rogues were recalled earlier this year out of concern that their trunk lids  – called liftgates in auto speak – were to separate in the event of a crash, as reported. In May, the same model year was recalled because of a potential brake fluid leak, also as reported.


Dealers will replace the seat back if necessary.  For further information about when and how to find out about the repairs, see this copy of Nissan’s owner notification letter. 

Nissan recall check

Over 47,000 vehicles are included in this Nissan Rogue recall. Use MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool to do a Nissan recall VIN check.

Rebecca RandNissan recalls Rogue crossovers over unsecured child car seats