Tesla recalls Model 3 and Model Y cars over faulty tail lamps 

Austin, TX – November 26, 2022 – Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) has issued a recall for 321,628 vehicles due to a problem with the tail lamps. One or both of the lamps at the rear could fail to light up, increasing the risk of an accident.

The recall covers the following models: 

  • 2023 Tesla Model 3
  • 2020 – 2023 Tesla Model Y

Recall summary

In the recalled vehicles, due to a firmware problem, one or both of the tail lamps may fail to illuminate consistently

Recall risks

Tail lamps that do not illuminate as expected reduce the vehicle’s visibility, which could increase the risk of a collision.  

Other Tesla recalls

A Tesla Model X airbag recall was issued in mid-November over airbags that could fail to deploy properly in low-speed crashes.

In November, Tesla recalled 24,064 2017-2022 Model 3 cars over seatbelts that fail to restrain occupants in the event of a crash, increasing the risk of injury.   

In June, the U.S. government upgraded its investigation into problems regarding Tesla’s autopilot feature that caused vehicles to crash into emergency responders attending to a prior, unrelated accident. The probe potentially covers 830,000 Tesla vehicles.

The repair

Tesla will use an over-the-air (OTA) update to correct the problem with the firmware in the affected vehicles, ensuring that the tail lamps will operate as intended. These updates are automatic and do not require owners to bring their cars to a Tesla service center. The timeline of the update is not clear.

Owners of affected vehicles will be notified on or around January 14, 2023.  

Is your vehicle part of this recall?

More than 321,000 vehicles are affected by this Tesla tail lamp issue. To see if your vehicle is among them, or to check for 2023 Tesla Model X recalls, Tesla airbag recalls and more,  run a Tesla recall check using MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.

Joseph EstabilloTesla recalls Model 3 and Model Y cars over faulty tail lamps 

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