Tesla recalls Model S vehicles with in-your-face hoods

Palo Alto, CA – January 9, 2022 – Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) is recalling 119,009 vehicles whose hoods may open while driving. This increases the risk of a crash and injury. Affected vehicles include:

  • 2014 Tesla Model S
  • 2015 Tesla Model S
  • 2016 Tesla Model S
  • 2017 Tesla Model S
  • 2018 Tesla Model S
  • 2019 Tesla Model S
  • 2020 Tesla Model S
  • 2021 Tesla Model S

Recall summary  

When closed, the recalled vehicles’ hood – called “frunk,” or front trunk in Tesla speak –  is secured in place with a latch. This is a mechanism with two separate latching assemblies. – The primary latch locks the hood, while the secondary one serves as a backup. In affected sedans, the secondary latch mechanism may be “misaligned,” which prevents it from locking the hood if needed

The component in question is the “Hood Latch” with part number 1033011-00-A. 

Recall risks

If the driver accidentally releases the main hood latch while driving, the hood may open unexpectedly. This will obstruct the driver’s view and may result in a crash, increasing the risk of an injury for the car occupants and other motorists.   

Warning signs

Releasing the primary hood latch triggers an alert on the dashboard. 

Other Tesla Model S recalls 

In addition to this Tesla Model S trunk issue, there were several other recalls concerning these vehicles recently. The latest one among them was in November and it was caused by airbags that may rupture during deployment.  

Separately, over 350,000 Model 3 sedans were recalled just last month due to malfunctioning rearview cameras which may fail to display an image when backing up, upping the risk of a backover crash.

The repair

Tesla service centers will fix the issue by inspecting the latch assembly. If needed, they will realign the latch components so it operates as designed. All repairs are free of charge and owners who paid out of pocket may be eligible for reimbursement. Notifications about this replacement will be sent to vehicle owners by mail on February 18, 2022. 

Is your vehicle part of this recall?

This recall caused by Tesla trunk issues includes more than 110,000 vehicles. To do a Tesla recall check and see if your car is one of them, use MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.

Bojan PopicTesla recalls Model S vehicles with in-your-face hoods

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