Toyota Recalls Hundreds of 2016 Tacomas

San Antonio, TX — October 26, 2015 — In a new voluntary recall action, Toyota will address airbag bolt problems in more than 300 2016 Tacoma vehicles. On October 13, the same day in which it announced that the truck had been honored by the Texas Auto Writers Association, the company released a statement detailing the issue, which involves faulty bolts used to hold a knee air bag module in place within the vehicle.

As part of a more comprehensive injury reduction technique during a crash, knee airbags are meant to spread out the cushioning and protect drivers. Their use stems from increased government interest, including the New Car Assessment Program, as reported by Edmunds.

Another manufacturer employing knee air bags in new vehicles is Ford, which has incorporated them into the passenger side of its 2015 Mustang. In contrast, driver-side knee air bags inflate under the steering apparatus.

The manufacturer explained the problems associated with the recall-worthy issue and tied the problem to operations at a specific factory. To remedy this issue, dealers will replace all four of the module’s bolts in affected vehicles at a yet-undisclosed date.

“There is a possibility that incorrect bolts were installed during vehicle assembly at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing de Baja California plant,” the statement reads. “This could result in the bolts loosening over time. A loosened bolt could affect the performance of the knee air bag, increasing the risk of injury during a crash.”

Last September, Toyota also issued a recall for Tacoma vehicles, albeit one that applied to 690,000 units associated with a fragile rear suspension leaf spring system.

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