Toyota Tundra trucks recalled for faulty turn signals and hazard lights

Pleasanton, CA – July 15 2020 – Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM) has recalled 183,397 Toyota Tundra trucks with front turn signals and front hazard warning lights that do not flash brightly enough, increasing the risk of a crash. The recall includes:

  • 2018-2020 Toyota Tundra trucks

Recall summary  

The turn signals and hazard lights operate using LED headlights.  A wiring error on the part of a supplier resulted in  signals and lights not being bright enough. 

Federal law requires that signals must be bright enough for other drivers to notice and understand that the vehicle is signaling a turn. In July, Toyota determined that the signals did not meet the standard and began the recall on August 17th.


 Hazard lights are often used when the vehicle is not  moving or has mechanical problems.  Other drivers, particularly those in oncoming traffic, must be able to clearly see both turn signals and  hazard lights. If the lights are not noticeable, there is a high risk of a crash.

The 2020 Tundra has no other safety recalls, but both the 2018 and 2019 models have had various issues – including those with the fuel pump and the airbags – that have resulted in separate recalls.

The repair

The affected trucks need the wiring that connects to the lights to be replaced. The repair takes 45 minutes but Toyota advises owners that it may be necessary to leave the vehicle for a longer period of time. The repair is available now and is free of charge.

Is your vehicle part of this recall?

Over 180,000 trucks are included in this Toyota recall. To see if your car is one of them, use MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.

Ken BoydToyota Tundra trucks recalled for faulty turn signals and hazard lights

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