Volkswagen Recalls Audi Vehicles for Engine Fire Concerns

Auburn Hills, Mich. — Feb. 23, 2017 — A problem with some Audi vehicle engine pumps could lead to overheating and possible fire risk, according to a recent recall. The company’s action specifically responds to the cooling units in some engines. The official Part 573 Safety Recall Report said that the recall potentially involves 342,867 vehicles, all of which are believed to contain the defect.

The Defect

This report also stated that the problem is seen in certain TFSI engines, and that the problematic component comes from German supplier Fa. Bühler. Affected engines reportedly may have a faulty cooling system, containing debris that could block the coolant pump.

This could, in turn, keep necessary coolant from the engine and cause it to start a fire after overheating. Some of the affected models included A4, A5 and A6 vehicles as well as the Q5. Model years range from 2013 to 2017 across all of these vehicle classes.

Timeline of Events

  • 2015-2016: Reports from the field prompt an investigation into possible cases of overheating.
  • Dec. 2016: The Product Safety Committee meets and decides on the recall after further investigation reveals the cause. Audi also started producing updated software to help remedy the problem.
  • Jan. 2017:  Volkswagen submits the safety recall report to the National Highway Traffics Safety Administration.

The Resolution

With the software production completed, dealers can now instruct the power supply to shut off to avoid overheating. The dealer notification date was listed as Feb. 13, while the owner notification was set to begin seven days later. A manufacturer’s notice to dealers instructed them not to deliver pre-owned vehicles which could be part of this recall until after the fix.

A separate instructions section for dealers said that there will be no need for physical replacement parts for this procedure other than software, except in some extremely rare cases. After the install, owners should be able to tell if there’s coolant blockage through the Electronic Power Control lamp.

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