Brake problems lead to Honda recall

Tokyo, Japan — June 16, 2015 — According to a press release published from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 19,500 vehicles affected by a new recall related to a faulty Collision Mitigation Braking System in certain models of Acuras. The source says that dealers will fix the situation by updating the braking software in these autos to prevent a possible crash.

The specific issue that has sparked this recall concerns identification errors within the brake system. As the source said, the system could incorrectly apply the brakes at the wrong time while in motion and leave the car and its occupants vulnerable to a crash.

In the Safety Recall Report issued by the agency, the percentage of the car base estimated to have this defect is 100 percent. The five car models all from the model years 2014 and 2015, are the Acura MDX 2WD, MDX AWD, RLX Hybrid, and RLX lines. There has been no recall schedule listed as of yet.

This report traces the history of this action back to 2013, when Honda first heard of a incident related to this defect in Japan. More information on this glitch was determined in November 2014.

“The failure was determined to be a result of ‘short-distance combining processing’ of the programmed logic of the CMBS system and an ‘incorrectly recognized target’,” the report said. “The failure was generated by another vehicle accelerating in front of the subject vehicle, while simultaneously driving alongside an iron fence.” Since then, the safety recall was issued last month, and so far there have been no claims related to this concern.

Because of the long sequence of events that could lead to a recall, the speed and accuracy of the statement is critical and should be taken seriously with a high-performing recall system.

Recall MastersBrake problems lead to Honda recall