Daytime Running Lights in Certain Ford Trucks Are Not Dimming Properly

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Laguna Hills, CA – Feb 6, 2020 – Certain Ford Trucks equipped with high series LED headlamps may not dim properly which could result in impair visibility to other drivers. 

The total number of affected vehicles is 166,196.

The Defect

Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling 2018-2020 F-150 trucks installed with LED headlamps capable of Autolamp functions that do not properly dim. Owners of affected truck’s installed with the recalled Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) could possibly impair the vision of other drivers if not aware of the defect. The Daytime Running Lamps were noticed to not properly dim to parking lamps when the Master Lighting Switch (MLS) has been switched from the default setting (Autolamps) to the setting “Headlamps On”. 

Attention was brought to the possible recall by a customer’s observation. In October 2019, the owner of a Ford F-150 truck observed that certain DRL capabilities were exhibited unexpectedly (not properly turning on/off or dimming). Ford’s Critical Concerns Review Group (CCRG) decided to consult the vehicle owner’s claims for an overview of possible product malfunction. CCRG observed that in assembly of 2018-2020 F-150 headlamps created the possibility of DRL to not properly dim and therefore not be in compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 108, “Lamps, Reflective Devices and Associated Equipment.” The headlamps, when the Master Lighting Switch was rotated from “Autolamp” to “headlamps on”, would cause the LED lamps to remain at full brightness even though they should have automatically dimmed. On February, 14, 2020, Ford’s Field Review Committee decided to approve field action to bring awareness to the issue. Ford has released a statement claiming no reports or knowledge of injury relating to this issue.

The solution

Affected vehicle owners will receive a notification letter from Ford on March 9, 2020 outline the details of how to fix their vehicles issue. Owners will be asked to bring in their vehicle to any official Ford or Lincoln dealership to have the Body Control Module (BCM) configuration update so as to ensure the issue will cease. All owners will be reimbursed for this repair. Ford welcomes any affected owners with further questions to call Ford Customer Service at 1 (800) 392-3673.

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Marshall EarleyDaytime Running Lights in Certain Ford Trucks Are Not Dimming Properly