Ford recalls trucks over fire risk

Dearborn, MI – January 23, 2022 –  Ford (NYSE:F) is recalling 19,697 trucks that may develop a fuel leak. This can cause a fire, increasing the risk of a crash and injury. Trucks that are part of this recall include:

  • 2021 Ford F-250 SD 
  • 2021 Ford F-350 SD 
  • 2021 Ford F-450 SD 
  • 2021 Ford F-550 SD
  • 2021 Ford F-600 SD
  • 2021 Ford F-650  
  • 2021 Ford F-750

Recall summary  

All trucks from this list are equipped with a 6.7L diesel engine with a pair of fuel filters, which protect the engine from debris and rust. Due to “foreign material” mixed with the material the filter is made from, the affected vehicles’ secondary fuel filter may develop a small crack, which may cause a fuel leak under the hood.     

The component in question is the secondary diesel fuel filter with part number LC34-9150-AA. 

Recall risks

Fuel that is leaking inside the engine compartment can come in contact with hot components, such as an exhaust manifold or turbocharger. Although not flammable as gasoline, diesel fuel can still ignite, causing vehicle fire, which carries several risks. For more on what to do if your car catches fire, please refer to this article about a Mazda recall due to the same risk.

Warning signs 

If a leak develops, drivers and passengers may notice a strong fuel smell coming from under the hood. In addition, a leak may be severe enough to trigger the “Check Engine” light on the dashboard. 

Other  Ford recalls 

Some of the Ford F-350 SD trucks from this recall may have been affected by a driveshaft issue from September last year. Additionally, there was a recall in August, caused by the possibility of the trucks’ wheels falling off the car. Ford advised owners not to drive the truck if it were affected. Check if yours is by using MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.

The repair

Dealers will rectify this problem by replacing both fuel filters. Notifications about this replacement will be sent to vehicle owners between February 21, 2022, and February 25, 2022. All repairs will be done free of charge

Is your vehicle part of this recall?

This Ford fuel filter recall is affecting almost 20,000 trucks. To do a Ford recall check and see if your Super Duty truck is one of them, use MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.

Bojan PopicFord recalls trucks over fire risk

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